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I'm thinking there is hope that this pandemic will be going away this year ... especially with multiple vaccines on the way.

And with that should be many more trips to visit more of what beauty the PNW offers.   Most of my new galleries are images from hikes and camping trips ... 
This is really a beautiful part of the country if you can weather the winters.  Can't wait for Spring, Summer and Fall ...

Started looking at website alternatives recently but quickly realized that what I have is still perfect for my needs. Had to fix a couple issues ... now it's on to loading up more photos to both my website and my 'Virtual Agency'... but more importantly is finding a way for more folks to visit. More SEO, Newsletter, Blog ... not sure yet.  

I have been selling photo gadgets and old equipment on ebay for many years ... but recently they requested my Social Security number to list items ... I'm definitely not comfortable with that... geez.  So, in looking at other sites, I've landed on for now.  Seems well run and there appears to be lots of folks looking at my stuff ... even made a sale right off the bat ... we'll see how it goes. 

Always something going on on the photo front ... from adding more images to my website, selling and buying vintage photo wares ... I even purchased a Sony 50/1.8 lens recently to at least have one fixed focal length lens with my a6000.  That's my go to camera for hikes and camping ... it weighs nothing yet delivers really nice images.

Well, that's about it for now ... please don't hesitate to stay in touch even if it is just to say hi.  A
nd don't forget ... if you need any assignments photographed in this neck of the woods or have any requests from my archives ...  please don't hesitate to call :) 

Stay safe everyone ...


Nick Koon
Nicholas Koon Photography