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I do miss my newsletters where I could write about photo shoot experiences and show lots of photos ... things are different now and unfortunately it still doesn't really make sense to do that though it was also a great way to keep in touch with folks. Nowadays I just post current things on facebook.

Also I don't have the variety and quantity of photo shoots like I used to, but on the other hand there is quite a bit to share from my current studio photographer position ... like last friday when I photographed a rabbit checking out some of our new cat houses.  Of course that doesn't beat out the mini horse we shot around christmas time a couple years ago.  That was a little crazy ...

Recently we went up to Mount Baker (Artist Point) to shoot some dogs in our new jackets.  Now those were a couple of fun shoots ... beautiful background and pups running and jumping ... made for some awesome ad photos.  There is a lot of redundancy to the work I do here, especially on the computer with photoshop color changes, etc.  It's always fun to mix it up and go out now and again.  

My website is calling me again ... I recently had an inquiry about an image I shot 30 years ago ... that was exciting.  I had to find a new lab for my site and upload a higher rez image.  Makes me want to start changing things up with my site ... and especially add more images.  And now that I have sorted out my archives and protected them better from the weather ... I just need more time to peruse through them which is always fun to do.  

oh .. my ebay project .... I've been selling on ebay for a long time and have purchased many antique cameras that way ... but now I have my eye on a good used Nikon D810 with a low shutter count ... I need a high rez camera for upcoming projects.  I'm almost halfway there ... pretty cool to sell things that you don't need anymore and turning that into something you really want.  Hopefully this will be done by my next post. 

Well, that's about it for now ... please don't hesitate to stay in touch even if it is just to say hi.  A
nd don't forget ... if you need any assignments photographed in this neck of the woods or have any requests from my archives ...  please don't hesitate to call :) 

Stay safe everyone ...


Nick Koon
Nicholas Koon Photography